20160114185128Who we are ?

We are CEOS’ HUB.

We are an international community of entrepreneurs who are driven to change the world by creating more entrepreneurs in the local communities. We offer a combination of training via events, meetings, mentoring and idea development initiatives to help structure and develop problem solving ideas.

We create opportunities for local entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to investors and successful business leaders.

We believe in the concept of:

The Mission:
To contribute to global GDP by creating more job creators through empowerment of youth and women in the line of entrepreneurship.

The Vision :
To birth the creation of at least 5000 vibrant companies in all member countries by 2021.


What We Do :

  • We build a network of leading entrepreneurs and businesses to stimulate the production of new knowledge and business experience.
  • We inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the younger generation
  • We monitor global economic policies and partner with organisations to support SMEs
  • We organise annual enterprise summits to inspire entrepreneurs and business minds
  • Because Mentorship is a key to success, we organise mentorship programmes to bring upcoming entrepreneurs and successful business people together.
  • Through our mobile app, we empower everyone who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

Why We Do It :

We want to reduce the number of job seekers in the society and encourage the spirit of enterprise in the young generation so as to reduce societal vices.

We also want to propagate the concept of thinking big and starting small.

Our Concepts

CEO Mentorship Series

This is a platform created to help accelerate business success for young and upcoming entrepreneurs. We get successful business people and leaders to mentor entrepreneurs by sharing their experiences, mistakes and success stories.

CEOS’ Hub Co-op Society

The Ceos’ Hub Cooperative Society is a business venture designed to fund the ideas generated by entrepreneurs. With the CHCS, entrepreneurs can save, invest and earn.