CEOs’ Hub was founded in March 19, 2014 by Dada-Stephen. It started as a chat group on Whatsapp (an instant messaging application) where people from different locations of the world met to exchange business ideas, share business tips, inspirational stories and also advertise their products and services for free.

Dada-Stephen got the inspiration of this idea from a news report showing how hundreds of Nigerian job applicants were casualties of cases of stampede while hustling to get a federal government job in March 15, 2014. The job offered only 1000 vacant positions, but several millions of unemployed and underemployed graduates struggled for the opening.

We have inspired the establishment in various businesses from different parts of the world  and with our mobile app, we are achieving even more on a constant basis.

CEOs’ Hub has members and representatives in 27 countries (Nigeria, India, China, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Ghana, United States, The Maldives Republic, Sierra Leone, Cyprus, Turkey, England, Lesotho, Tanzania, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Greece, Malawi, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Botswana) and hopes to expand to all the nations of the earth, supporting the government to solve the problem of poverty and unemployment which will invariably reduce societal vices to the barest minimum rate.