It is a known fact that anyone that will lead a group of people must firstly know how to lead him/her self. Which I tagged ability to take a drastic decision and take your stand irrespective of d circumstances. A Fulani man will ask you if a drug/medicine  had been tested OK and ITS POTENCY HAS BEEN CONFIRMED by you before selling it for him. Which implies you can never give what you don’t have.

The following are what I ragged as the most wonderful attributes of a leader.

1. INTELLIGENT: Ability to discern from good and bad ideas within a twinkle of an eye. Ability to solve a tactful problem within a short period of time. Understanding of your environment so as to use it solving other people’s problems.

2. HONEST: Honest they say is the best policy. It is nothing but capability to say the Truth at all times.  It makes you stand out among equals, competitors, contractors, bosses, mates and colleagues. A contract or a job must be delivered on a particular day you promised your clients.  Your words and actions must be accurate, unbiased, unprejudiced, far from lies, full of facts, authenticated, and confirmed before giving them out.

3. CREATIVE: A good leader must have a sense of creativeness, original, impressive, appealing, challenging, and attractive ideas. This will channel to you nothing but the respect if highest order.

4. DRIVEN: You must be passionate, obsessed and motivated to achieve a goal. Either individually or with the harnesses of both human and non human resources within your reach.

5.CONFIDENCE: A leader must have  a sense of self assurance, expression or feelings of certainty. Both your voice, gesticulations and  actions must be bold enough to convince the large number of people.

6. COURAGEOUS: This is d quality of confident character, not to be afraid or intimidated easily. As we know that fear is a oil that propels the engine of failure. We all know that a failure is somebody that fails in doing something and succeeded in doing nothing. Courage will make you to stand the tough of time and give you hedge over others.


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