Miss Adeyemo Oluwaseun Adeola receiving an award of the MOST ACTIVE DEPARTMENT on behalf of the Ceos'hub Media Department from His Excellency Daniel Njoolay, Tanzanian Ambassador to Nigeria.

Miss Adeyemo Oluwaseun Adeola receiving an award of the MOST ACTIVE DEPARTMENT on behalf of the Ceos’hub Media Department from His Excellency Daniel Njoolay, Tanzanian Ambassador to Nigeria.

Mr Adeola Eliot Chairman of Lagos chamber of commerce presenting the award of the MOST PROMISING ENTREPRENUER to Olaitan Laniyan CEO Footfreak during the 2016 Ceos'hub Business Summit.

Mr Adeola Eliot Chairman of Lagos chamber of commerce presenting the award of the MOST PROMISING ENTREPRENEUR to Olaitan Laniyan CEO Footfreak during the 2016 Ceos’hub Business Summit.

The Ceos'hub Media Team Celebrating with His Excellency

The Ceos’hub Media Team Celebrating with His Excellency


Mrs Ifejola Dada presenting the award of the most commited Ceos'hub member(Female) to Miss Adeyemo Oluwaseun Adeola during the last concluded 2016 Ceos'hub Business Summit that took place in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mrs Ifejola Dada presenting the award of the MOST COMMITTED MEMBER (FEMALE) to Miss Adeyemo Oluwaseun Adeola during the last concluded 2016 Ceos’hub Business Summit that took place in Lagos, Nigeria.

President of Ceos'hub presenting the award of FRIEND OF ENTREPRENEURS during the last Ceos'hub Business Summit.

President of Ceos’hub, Dada Stephen presenting the award of FRIEND OF ENTREPRENEURS during the last Ceos’hub Business Summit.


Award of the MOST ACTIVE COUNTRY ON CEOS'HUB was receied by the Country's team lead, Mr Olumide Ajibare.

Award of the MOST ACTIVE COUNTRY ON CEOS’HUB was received by the Country’s team lead, Mr Olumide Ajibare.

Dada-Stephen, President of fast growing international network of entrepreneurs, CEOS HUB has again launched another powerful project; VocAfrique.
VocAfrique is an online platform that is meant to connect both Tutors and apprentices of a vocational skill.
On the platform www.vocafrique.com users are expected to search for the vocation of their choice, if not found, tutors can add a vocation to the list with their details.
The apprentice is expected to pick a vocation, register and pay to VocAfrique who releases the money to the tutor after student appraisals.
VocAfrique is expected to reduce unemployment and poverty.
He add this to say…
“If everybody learns a vocation, we will all have a skill that can fetch us money”
For now, we are starting with Nigeria and accepting naira only, but by February 2017 we will accept bitcoins and so then it will go global.

During the launch earlier today,  Mr. Dada encouraged everyone one to be part of this new innovation. He also advised that the youths should acquire vocational skills and hope to be employers of labour instead of depending on the government to provide more jobs.

Let’s do this for a better society.

Let’s Skill Up Africa!

Let’s Create More Jobs!

Let’s Reduce Poverty!

Let’s Reduce Violence!


IMG-20161215-WA0008 IMG-20161215-WA0010

IMG-20161104-WA0053 IMG-20161104-WA0044Atiku Bags FRIEND OF ENTREPRENEURS Award 2016

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was honoured with the Ceos Hub FRIEND OF ENTREPRENEURS award 2016.
The former vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who is the National Patron of the organization receive the award at his residence in Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria on Thursday 3rd, November, 2016.

Ceos Hub is a young and fast growing multinational organisation, a non governmental organisation that aims at building a network of startups and entrepreneurs in Africa and other continents of the world. It is an organization known for its societal development in 34 countries including Nigeria.

The 11th Vice President of Nigeria is a businessman and a philanthropist. He is a co-founder of intels, an oil servicing business with extensive operations in Nigeria and abroad, he also owns Adama beverages limited and American University of Nigeria (AUN).

Turaki of Adamawa appreciated CeosHub for making him “Friend of Entrepreneurs”, he discussed further on how he has been helping startups. He said ” I have been in business since my youthful age and that made me to always support the youths and women entrepreneurs. In view of this I have also embedded entrepreneurship studies in the curriculum at American University of Nigeria”.
He further said 43,000 youths and women entrepreneurs had received startup seed capital in Adamawa State, Nigeria with 98% turnover.

The president of CeosHub, Mr Dada Stephen commended Alhaji Abubakar for his tremendous contributions and support for startups and Entrepreneurs in the country, he reinstated his organisation’s commitment to support the governments of various countries to eradicate poverty and to develop the economic capabilities of youths around the world.

CeosHub delegates at the Award presentation were Mr. Dada Stephen (President CeosHub) and Founder of VocaAfrique ,  Mr. Aremu Ayodele (CEO GOVIA Integrated Services) Mr Laniyan Olaitan (CEO Footfreak ng), Mr Seyi Oladeji (CEO Seyi Oladeji Consulting), Mr Ifeanyi Chidi (ICE), Mr Igwebuike Stanley (Producer of “PALMI”). Others include Miss Mariam Abass, Miriam Barbara, Maureen Jude and Olusakin Ayoola (CEO Padijones business concept).

The event was televised by Silverbird Television, Nigeria and BenTv, UKIMG-20161104-WA0050 IMG_20161104_021902 IMG-20161104-WA0057 IMG_20161104_151238 IMG-20161104-WA0052

College is full of people who dream big. If you’re one of those people, hats off to you. You have a unique set of goals and skills that will shape this world for years to come and I honestly must give you personal kudos.

If you’re not one of those people, there are a few things that you can take away from the lives of college entrepreneurs to help make yours better.

The cornerstone of success is never giving up. With that being said, young entrepreneurs need to learn that it’s okay to fail . In fact, it’s one of the greatest things that you’ll do in your career and life. Failing gives you so much wisdom- if anything, it teaches you what not to do. But in order to be successful, you have to be okay with failing. If something doesn’t work, you have to be dedicated to getting it right. Trail and error is sometimes the only way to do so. Plus, think about it. Do you really think that everyone who is successful gets it right on his or her first try? Nope. In fact, Michael Jordan himself was cut from his high school basketball team at one point. Now he’s considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Seriously.

It’s easy to believe in the things that you want to embody. The hard part is being able to believe in yourself, even when everyone else doubts you. Whatever product or service you’re offering, believe that it can make it. Nobody will buy into a scheme if the mastermind behind it doesn’t even believe in it. The power of believing can go a very long way, not only in being an entrepreneur but also in life. Believe that you can get it right. One day, you will.

Being successful is becoming less and less about what you know and more and more about who you know. That’s a fact. Ask some of the most successful people in the game. You’ve got to be able to network in life. This means meeting new people, supporting others, interesting yourself in other people’s products, and so on. Being known as the person who listens and helps others is a great reputation to have. It’s still very, very important to know things too. Don’t think that you can just drop out and make it in this world because a college education can get you a very long way. But supplement your knowledge with other people who also have a unique set of qualities and some knowledge of their own. Multiple minds are better than one mind. Be willing to communicate with others and reach out.
All in all, I’m not saying that you’ll be an entrepreneur if you follow these tips. But you will start to think like one if you do. Take some initiative with your life! Who knows where it will take you.IMG-20160805-WA0045[1]

Massive tasks or projects have the capacity to strain the limits of any company’s knowledge and resources at times. The CEO must decide if it’s worth spending valuable time and money to tackle something that could dramatically affect the team’s productivity. Often, only an outside third party can knock out those projects and get the company from point A to point B. Finding a third party that can work seamlessly with your own business may seem daunting. But leveraging outside partnerships is often more effective, and less expensive, than taking big your projects on


For small businesses especially, every minute and every dollar must be squeezed for all they’re worth. Establishing trusted partnerships with vendors, service providers and outside experts will ensure those seconds and cents are well-spent, resulting in a myriad of benefits, particularly if you’re tight on resources.

No new business is expected to have a staff of experts in every field. Partnerships can provide the expertise needed without a nationwide search for in-house talent. Plus, the commitment level isn’t as high with an outside source, so an unsuccessful relationship can be more easily severed without damaging your team’s internal culture.

Business partnerships can also be used to better serve customers in unexpected ways. FedEx, for example, offers conveniences like brochures, business stationary, and direct mail services for businesses to strengthen their branding and outreach. Everything from bulk supplies to alternative services can be improved by capitalizing on these strategic business relationships. It’s all a matter of building the right arrangements with the right teams.


When partnering with an outside service provider, the beginning phases are crucial. You must go above and beyond with your communication, transparency, and expectations. View this as an investment; the more time you put into the beginning of the relationship, the more return you’ll see on that investment in the future.

The point of a true partnership is to promote growth. Establish the right framework and work toward a better business with these steps:

1. Get Your Ducks in a Row

Make sure you have your specific project, internal team, processes, and procedures in place so these vendors can come in and do their jobs well.

Imagine each business is a house. You may hire the most impressive landscaping team to mow the lawn and trim the shrubberies, but if the kitchen is on fire, the whole project is doomed from the start. Get your own house in order before you look for help from the outside.

2. Lock in Your Goals with Their Capacity

Chances are good you aren’t this vendor’s only client. If you expect assistance that goes far above and beyond a vendor’s initial offer, it’s time to dial back your expectations.

Many vendors can produce excellent work, and excellence should be expected. Just remember you’re not a client’s boss, and there is a threshold where your partnership stops providing them with value.

3. Keep Them in the Conversation

It is incredibly important to be transparent about what you want and need. Give detailed information whenever you can, and remember no piece of insight from you will go unwanted. Constantly check in and be prepared to commit to having a very open line of communication.

4. View Partnerships as Equals

If you begin to see your vendors as an extension of your own team, you will be in great shape. A business should have the same goals as its vendor, treating the vendor like any other highly valued employee. Let the vendor know when it’s performing well, and be upfront and honest if it isn’t.

If a partnership doesn’t make your business stronger, faster, or more efficient, it’s a waste of your time. More often than not, however, these relationships with vendors are crucial to a business’s early growth.
If you know what you need, what to expect and how to implement it efficiently, a quality relationship will bring both you and your partner to new and impressive heights.

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