“…building student millionaires”

Our Mission: To incubate undergraduate entrepreneurs into successful job creators through training, practice and internship programmes.

Our Vision: To produce a vibrant global network of young practicing graduate CEOs by 2025.

COLLEGE CEOS’ HUB is a project of  CEOS’ HUB targeted at human capital development of youths in higher institutions and to reduce global unemployment rate.

      Our Objectives:

  1. To train undergraduates on the concept of practical entrepreneurship, which requires thinking BIG and starting small.
  2. To create a network of young brilliant minds globally through the College Ceos Hub Conferen
    ce. This will enable them to build business contacts with like minds from different colleges and countries at an early stage of life.
  3. To inculcate the spirit of leadership, teamwork and integrity in the lives of the young generation through a structure which enables CCH teams to lead and organize themselves.
  4. To empower undergraduates with adequate startup seed/fund through competitions and ‘the chcooperative’.
  5. To add positive value to members of College Ceos Hub through internship programmes with the College Ceos Hub Associates who are business owners all over the world.
  6. To encourage the concept of “GIVING BACK TO THE SOCIETY” by ensuring that CCH members participate in community development projects.
  7. Mentorship


What We Do:

  1. We empower undergraduates with practical business and entrepreneurship skills in order to reduce the teeming population of job seekers in our society.
  2. We contribute to societal development by embarking on annual Community Impact Projects.
  1. We provide a network for exchanging ideas and academics, in the interests of strengthening mutual understanding and higher collaboration between College CEO hub members
  2. We create an advisory mechanism between the Hub’s network and an open meeting of entrepreneurs and investors, thus casting the Hub as an important source for sustainable human resource development and policy recommendations concerning competence development and effective strategies;
  3. We connect you to firms in the CEOS’ HUB network all over the world for training and internship.
  4. We empower undergraduates financially through bonuses and loans.
  5. We give scholarships to undergraduates.



Benefits of Joining College Ceos’ Hub

Self Development: our capacity building exercises such as workshops, seminars and summits will transform your life and leave you better than you are. We get the best masters of business and leadership from all over the world to pass a great deal of knowledge to you.

Unlimited Network Value: Birds of a feather are said to always flock together and your network is your net worth. You will meet fellow entrepreneurs from different fields and with success stories and experience in the business line. As long as you are a member of the Hub, they are obliged to be at your service and support whenever necessary. They have your back always as a family. We are your first market and your best connection.

Financial Lifeline:

Every entrepreneur requires cash injection and financial support at any stage of the business, from the startup point to the expansion level. Therefore College Ceos Hub will serve as a platform to access a bevy of financial opportunities for the sake of business development.

We will help students to generate funds through the chcooperative and other creative lawful means of creating a financial backbone to help their academic and business pursuits.

First Hand Information:

Knowledge is power and information is money. Information is what differentiates the rich from the poor and modern economic research has proved INFORMATION to be the fifth factor of production. In view of this, we make it as a point of duty to source for information updates and facts from their primary sources. Members get to know about competitions, offers, investment opportunities, sponsorships, grants and loans before it gets to the general public.

Internship Opportunity:

With the caliber of associates on the CEOS HUB network worldwide, you have the opportunity to get an internship opportunity in the business firm of your choice in any country or location as long as its within our network.


We will Like To Come To Your School, Let’s Communicate

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