Dada-Stephen, President of fast growing international network of entrepreneurs, CEOS HUB has again launched another powerful project; VocAfrique.
VocAfrique is an online platform that is meant to connect both Tutors and apprentices of a vocational skill.
On the platform users are expected to search for the vocation of their choice, if not found, tutors can add a vocation to the list with their details.
The apprentice is expected to pick a vocation, register and pay to VocAfrique who releases the money to the tutor after student appraisals.
VocAfrique is expected to reduce unemployment and poverty.
He add this to say…
“If everybody learns a vocation, we will all have a skill that can fetch us money”
For now, we are starting with Nigeria and accepting naira only, but by February 2017 we will accept bitcoins and so then it will go global.

During the launch earlier today,  Mr. Dada encouraged everyone one to be part of this new innovation. He also advised that the youths should acquire vocational skills and hope to be employers of labour instead of depending on the government to provide more jobs.

Let’s do this for a better society.

Let’s Skill Up Africa!

Let’s Create More Jobs!

Let’s Reduce Poverty!

Let’s Reduce Violence!


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