On the 19th March 2014, we had an idea, we wanted to solve a societal problem. We didn’t think into detail (of course the devil’s in the detail).

We started anyway, we had the picture of what we wanted, but we started with what was available.
We made mistakes, we built up, pulled down over and over.
We used GBN, GEN, we tried different names then arrived at CEOS HUB.
Where We Started

WhatsApp Group in the times when WhatsApp group capacity was 50.

Where We Are

. Presence in 36 nations of the world.

. A responsive mega website;

. Successfully organised 2 International Business Summits in Tanzania and Nigeria.

. Built a Business Utility Mobile App with multi- platform functionality.

. Organised national business conferences to connect entrepreneurs in their countries.

. Awarded upcoming entrepreneurs and philanthropist who support enterprise development.

. Produced a few millionaires from our network.

. Got a patron for Ceos Hub Nigeria

. Built a strong Human Capacity Building platform.

The Big Picture

. More Patrons and Mentors

. Our 3rd International Business Summit in Greece by 2018.

. Partnerships with lending institutions locally and globally.

. Partnerships with Enterprise Development organisations, Media Platforms and Diplomatic Emissaries.

. Endorsements from UN African Union, Governments of nations, philanthropists and Top CEOS.

. Build the Ceos Hub Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

. Produce thousands of upright and successful entrepreneurs with a head for business and a heart for the world.

How We Got Here
We built a winning team of people who aren’t perfect but always willing to improve.
The team made it all happen.

Happy Anniversary


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